4 Reasons To Become A SafeCar Driver

3 min readAug 1, 2022


The opportunity you have been waiting for is finally here! We have launched a car-hailing option on the App that lets customers order a car to pick them up and drive them to their preferred destination.

You can now apply to become a SafeCar driver and be your own boss with even better terms than what has been offered in the market.

As a car driver, this is an opportunity for you to provide a much-needed transportation service to customers who don’t have access to a car when they need to go somewhere or don’t want to deal with the hassles of driving themselves.

How we are changing the game for car drivers

Better income, less commission: With SafeCar, you make more money and give in less commission per ride. The trip pricing is competitive, implying that you drive customers willing to pay for the best service.

Guaranteed cash-out anytime: With over 1,000 SafeBoda Agents, you can easily withdraw money from your Wallet anytime with an option for wallet-to-mobile money transfer!

Available contact support: There may be times when you need to contact the SafeCar support team. You can do this through the available channels, including phone calls and WhatsApp, via 0200502050, social media, and email at support@safeboda.com.

More customers: With up to 1 million customers accessing the SafeBoda app on their smartphones, you have a broad customer base. Take more trips, earn more money, and achieve your goals.

Minimum requirements

These are the minimum requirements that you must meet before you become a SafeCar driver:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have at least 3 years of licensed driving experience
  • Have a valid original hard copy of the driving permit
  • Have a valid original hard copy of the National ID/Passport/Refugee card
  • Have a 4-door car with valid insurance in good conditions (with seat belts, spare tire, all windows opening and closing on the central lock)

With the above, you can visit the SafeBoda Academy in Kyebando — Kanyike road between 09:00 AM and 03:00 PM, from Monday to Friday.

Steps to become a SafeCar driver

  • Fill in the form HERE.
  • You will receive a call or an email with a link and password to the SafeCar orientation material within 1 working day (from Monday to Friday). Please complete the orientation on a phone or computer.
  • Once you have completed your orientation, our team will schedule a video inspection of your car.
  • Once your car inspection is complete, you will be activated the same day, then you can immediately begin driving!
  • If you’re having trouble completing this process, call SafeBoda or send a WhatsApp message on 0200502050 or 0323502050 or visit the SafeBoda Academy.

The bottom line

SafeCar offers you a flexible way to earn money. You decide how much and which hours you drive, meaning you can work for SafeCar as a part-time or full-time business.




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