5 Reasons you shouldn’t miss the 5th Edition of Iwacu Heza

The 5th edition of the Iwacu Heza festival, organized by Bafumbira World, is on this Sunday, the 27th of November at Hilltop Naguru.

Iwacu Heza — which means “our beautiful home” — is a contemporary twice-in-a-year event that showcases art, traditional dance and folk music to celebrate culture.

The essence of the event is to bring people of a common heritage together to celebrate, network, and exhibit to the world the very rich culture that the Bafumbira, the Banyarwanda and Barundi share.

In this article, we are giving you 5 reasons why you should not miss out on this edition, which we are exclusively part of.

The headlining act of the event is Afrique from Rwanda, who’s recent musical releases places him among the greatest exports of the country. Aside from Afrique’s performances, there will also be cultural performances from the Ingyenzi cultural troupe.

You should expect other performances from artists who hail from Kisoro including Slender MC, Jajja Lee, DJs Emmat, Slug Face and Gee Man.

Events are a perfect opportunity to meet up with friends. Iwacu Heza is no exception. Being a unifying cultural engagement, it is about that time of the year — as we approach the festive season — to link up with the great and beautiful people from the Virunga hills.

It is not a cultural celebration if no food is involved. The 5th Edition promises all the local Bafumbira meals you’d crave for, including delicious barbecue. You would not wish to miss that.

With the schools off for the holidays, it’s not a bad idea to bring the children too to the celebration. The organizers have set aside a kids’ play area to ensure they are entertained too.

Here’s where we come in. Everyone at the event stands to get going in a safe ride; with discounts available on SafeBoda rides for first time users, and access to SafeCar rides for those travelling in groups of up to four.



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