5 ways to ensure your safety on a boda ride

2 min readNov 15, 2022

On every occasion, the Annual Crime Report released by the Uganda Police Force indicates an increasing need to be safety-vigilant when on the road. Worth noting is the fact that the highest crashes and fatalities are often registered in October, November, and December.

Throughout the training process, we emphasize to our drivers the need to value every trip they take like it is their first ever. However, safety on the road is not only the driver’s role. It also encompasses the passenger.

As a brand whose core value is safety, we are highlighting some of the ways you can ensure your safety when on the boda.

1. Wearing a driver and passenger helmet

When ordering a boda, always ask your driver to give you a passenger helmet to put on during the trip.

Helmets help to prevent or minimize injuries when you get involved in an accident while on a ride.

2. Tell your driver to observe traffic rules

If you notice that your boda is going past traffic lights on stop, using the pavements, or overtaking unnecessarily, ask him/her to desist from doing this and get off the boda if they persist.

3. Sala speed

Always plan your trip to ensure you get to your destination on time. Ask the driver to drive at an average speed. Over-speeding will make it hard for him/her to brake, resulting in an avoidable accident.

4. Tell your driver to stay in the right lane

Driving in the wrong lane risks a collision with vehicles from the other direction. Ask the driver to stay in the right lane.

5. Don’t share a boda ride

It’s not about the cost; it is about your safety. You would rather take a boda ride alone and reach home safely, than share the ride and get involved in an accident.




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