Customer Service Week: Celebrating those in service — Part I

3 min readOct 6, 2022

Every year, we — at SafeBoda — join the rest of the world to celebrate the efforts we put in collectively every day as we serve our customers.

Being a brand built on the backbone of community development, the value rendered to our customers is as important as their investment in the product. That is why 2022 is a great time to #CelebrateService.

Customer Service Week is an annual international celebration held every first full week in October in line with the importance of customer service, and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.

In this blog post, we are profiling 10 of the hard working ladies and gentlemen in the SafeBoda Customer Success team, who take it upon themselves to ensure that the customer is served right.

In the first of the two-part series, here are the short profiles of the Agents and their take on celebrating service.

Muyambi Arthur

Arthur handles all issues related to KYC data in the department. He considers himself an organized top performer and a goal-driven individual who enjoys what he does — serving customers.

To the people in service, Arthur advises that “You are serving a customer, not a life sentence. Learn how to enjoy your work.” He enjoys playing and watching soccer as well as reading novels.

Fatiah Namirimu

Fatiah is a call center agent whose belief is that hard work betrays none. Though the working days are usually normal and most times hectic, she acknowledges that the customer is always right according to their case but as a call center agent, you have to always be calm.

In her free time, she engages in personal learning and watching movies.

Masika Bridget

Bridget is one of a kind at SafeBoda, a God-fearing lady, and a believer that everything happens for a reason. This makes her treasure the past, appreciate the today, and wait for tomorrow with faith. She is a Supervisor of the Level 2 team and the walk-in support team in the department.

To the people in service, she advises that “It might be tough sometimes, but when you stand in the shoes of the customer (with empathy), you will be surprised at how good you can be in giving the best customer experience.

Abaho Henry

Henry, a call center agent, positions himself as an informed person with an open mind to whatever comes to him. He loves watching movies and playing volleyball, and advises those in service to “give it all you have, like it’s your first day at work, and be passionate.

Kintu Maria

Maria is a dedicated hardworking and God-fearing lady, driven by success and opportunities to learn. She is the BackOffice manager on the Customer Success team — a role that involves defining targets, strategizing and overseeing the daily activities in the contact center and her teammates.

She loves spending time with God, Family & Friends; and her advice to those in service is to “make every moment with that customer count and be very intentional about service.

To be continued in Part II…




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