How to change your payment option on the SafeBoda app

2 min readMay 24


SafeBoda now offers customers the choice between two ride options: Plus or Saver. To place an order for a SafeBoda ride, customers can select their preferred option and proceed with the order or pairing with a driver.

However, you may encounter difficulties in determining the payment method for your trip, especially if you are accustomed to previous versions of the app that allowed you to choose this before placing your order.

This is because, wth the recent update, your payment mode is now pre-determined based on the default settings. Fortunately, you can easily change this through a few simple steps.

You can do so by either changing your default payment method or adjusting it during the ordering process.

To change your default payment option, follow these steps:

  • Go to My Account.
  • Select Payment Methods.
  • Choose the payment method from Wallet, Cash, or Business.
  • The selected option will be highlighted in orange.

When ordering a ride, follow these steps:

  • Tap on Order a Boda.
  • Enter your destination and pick-up details.
  • Below the Plus and Saver options, tap on CHANGE.
  • Select the payment method from Wallet, Cash, or Business.
  • Proceed with your order or pair with a driver nearby.

If you are unable to see the above options, it means you need to update your SafeBoda app for free from the Play Store or Apple Store.




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