Introducing: SafeBoda Plus Trip Insurance

2 min readMay 29, 2023


Your safety and well-being is our priority at SafeBoda. That’s why we’re excited to unveil our new SafeBoda Plus Trip Insurance, a partnership with Liberty General Insurance (U) Limited alongside Stanbic Bank Uganda. This coverage is designed to protect both passengers and our premium boda drivers from unexpected events during a SafeBoda Plus trip.

What is SafeBoda Plus Trip Insurance?

This is an extra layer of protection for you during your ride. It covers various unfortunate incidents that could happen on a trip.

When are you covered?

Your coverage starts the moment you order a SafeBoda Plus trip and lasts until the end of the trip. You’re protected throughout your journey with us.

Who benefits from this insurance?

  • All SafeBoda Plus passengers
  • All Premium boda drivers

What does SafeBoda Plus Trip Insurance cover?

As a SafeBoda plus passenger or Premium Boda driver, you are covered upto Ugx 2,500,000 .

  • Medical cover: If an accident happens during your trip, we’ve got you covered. The insurance has reserved up to UGX One million — 1,000,000 which will cover the medical costs incurred when treating your injuries.
  • Death and funeral payments: In the unfortunate event of a passenger’s death during a trip, a lump sum payment of up to UGX Two million, Five Hundred Thousand2,500,000, will be provided to their family.
  • Permanent Disability payments: In case a passenger suffers a permanent disability due to an accident during a SafeBoda Plus trip, a lump sum payment of up to UGX Two million, Five Hundred Thousand — 2,500,000, will be given.

How to activate your coverage

No need to lift a finger! As a SafeBoda Plus passenger, you’re automatically enrolled in the insurance coverage when you order a trip.

Claiming your insurance

If you need to make a claim, follow these steps:

  1. Notify SafeBoda immediately through the social media channels, or WhatsApp or call 0200502050
  2. Provide the required documents. These could include:
  • A completed claims form
  • A police report
  • Medical receipts or reports
  • Rider or driver identification
  • Delivery time sheets
  • A post-mortem report
  • A death certificate
  • An LC1 Letter

The insurance for SafeBoda Plus trips is provided by Liberty General Insurance (U) Limited, with Stanbic Bank acting as the intermediary. Both companies are licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRA), ensuring they’re authorized to offer insurance services.

SafeBoda Plus Trip Insurance — because your peace of mind is our business. Enjoy a worry-free ride with us, every time.




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