SafeBoda and FUE join forces to elevate corporate transportation for member companies

2 min readNov 27, 2023
FUE CEO, Mr. Douglas Opio with the SafeBoda Country Director, Mrs. Catherine Tulina Kafumbe at the MoU signing event

SafeBoda, Uganda’s leading digital transportation company, has joined forces with the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) to redefine corporate transportation in Uganda. This partnership offers a compelling solution for organizations seeking affordable, convenient, and reliable transportation services for all their human resources employee business trips and small logistics needs.

SafeBoda, renowned for its safe, reliable, and technologically advanced ride-hailing service, has become a trusted choice for millions in Uganda. Beyond transportation, the company actively contributes to local economic empowerment. FUE, a key player in Uganda’s business landscape, represents employers across sectors, influencing policies, and fostering a conducive business environment for economic growth.

FUE CEO, Mr. Douglas Opio, says, “This collaboration with SafeBoda aligns with our mission to empower and facilitate businesses in Uganda. By offering a dedicated B2B option, we aim to provide our members with an efficient and reliable transportation solution that supports their operational needs.”

This collaboration harnesses SafeBoda’s FUE membership to introduce SafeCar, a dedicated B2B option designed to bring safety, efficiency, and reliability to corporate transportation. SafeCar, SafeBoda’s corporate transportation service, is tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. It ensures a seamless and secure commuting experience, boasting well-maintained vehicles and professional drivers.

Celebrating the power of collaboration, SafeBoda Country Director, Mrs. Catherine Tulina Kafumbe, states, “This partnership with the Federation of Uganda Employers signifies a commitment to efficiency and safety. By providing reliable transport services, SafeBoda enhances productivity for FUE members, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem that prioritizes convenience, safety, and cost-effectiveness.”

FUE member organizations now have easy access to SafeCar, with FUE actively promoting this B2B option among its members. This initiative sets a new standard for transportation excellence, emphasizing safety and efficiency in every journey.

For further information and to explore the benefits of the B2B option, please contact SafeBoda at or +256 0200502050. Join us in transforming corporate transportation and creating a future where businesses thrive.




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