SafeBoda celebrates its SafeCar driver community in a first-of-its-kind party

2 min readOct 27, 2022
Kasule Bosco, the Senior Operations Manager at SafeBoda rewarding one of the SafeCar drivers for outstanding performance

SafeBoda, Uganda’s super ride-hailing platform, has extended a vote of appreciation to its SafeCar drivers.

This was during a first-of-its-kind party at Panamera Restaurant, organized to bring together the drivers actively working with the platform.

While speaking to the drivers at the event, Rob Sanford, the SafeBoda Chief Finance Officer, applauded the drivers for being disciplined and representing the brand well to the customers.

“Your actions have directly impacted the company by promoting the customer experience and also naming SafeBoda’s car option as the only ride sharing app where there are no hustles and bustles.

Rob Sanford, the Chief Finance Officer at SafeBoda, gave the key note address at the engagement party

He made it clear that SafeBoda values the effort that each of the drivers puts into their work, adding that “We hope to continue such engagements as we grow, and do not hesitate to share feedback always through the platforms where you can reach us.

Recently, the company’s co-founder and director Ricky Rapa Thomson reiterated SafeBoda’s position on the issue of car driver negotiations; informing the drivers in a letter why the brand entered the industry and promising them growth in the near future.

We entered the car industry to offer a better experience to customers and drivers through trust, transparency, and excellent support. We are taking a careful approach to growth as we care about quality and service. However, we are about to grow exponentially with our strong national brand and growing customer network,” wrote Ricky.

He added that it is an excellent experience that sets SafeBoda apart from the competition, and that the brand is “excited to grow with drivers that believe in our vision and share our values.”

At the moment, SafeCar rides are paid for using the SafeBoda Wallet. This ensures that there are no negotiations involved and no need to look for change, resulting in a happy driver and a guaranteed safe trip for the customer.




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