SafeBoda Commemorates The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

2 min readNov 17, 2023

By Catherine Tulina Kafumbe (Mrs), Country Director — SafeBoda

In honor of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2023, SafeBoda, Uganda’s leading ride-hailing company, stands as a champion for road safety, remembering and honoring all riders lost this year.

We pay our respects to our dearly departed SafeBoda souls and wish them peaceful journeys in the afterlife:

  • Michael Kasule — SB25876
  • Opendi Joseph — SB19027
  • Munaba Matia — SB13719
  • Mukasa Gideon — SB24957
  • Kimbowa Steven — SB14677
  • Ivan Kyakulaga — SB26348
  • Allan Niwamanya — SB162

Uganda faced a challenging road safety situation in 2022, with a 17% increase in road crashes, impacting 21,473 individuals and claiming the lives of 4,534, as per the Uganda Police annual crime report. Faced with this reality, SafeBoda remains committed to fostering a safety culture among all road users.

Our objective is clear: To remember those lost or injured on our roads, acknowledge emergency services, and draw attention to the often trivial legal response to road incidents. We advocate for a serious and appropriate response, better support for victims and families, and evidence-based actions to prevent further tragedies.

SafeBoda is not just a ride-hailing company; it’s a force for change. We understand road safety is a shared responsibility. In our ongoing commitment, we work extra hard to emphasize the importance of safety respect among all road users, be it drivers, passengers, or pedestrians. Every journey should end safely.

In commemorating this World Day of Remembrance, SafeBoda stands at the forefront, showcasing our commitment to safety and dedication to a community-wide effort to reduce road accidents. Let’s unite in remembrance, support, and action, advocating for safer roads and ensuring the lives lost are not in vain. Together, we can make a difference, we can be champions of Road Safety.

This World Day of Remembrance serves as a poignant reminder of the toll road accidents take on individuals, families, and communities. It is a day to mourn the losses and acknowledge the ongoing suffering.

SafeBoda collaborates with organizations like IRCU, KCCA, MoWT, UNRA, UPDN, ROSACU, Joe Walker, Uganda Red Cross Society, Ministry of Health, PSFU, Drivers’ and Driving Schools’ Associations, and other Civil Society Organizations, pooling resources to annually commemorate this global day, focusing on Kampala and beyond.




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