SafeBoda, Innovation Village partner on “Women Inclusive Digital Spaces”

2 min readMar 4, 2023

World over, the gender digital divide has had significant implications for women’s economic empowerment, as digital technology plays an increasingly important role in many industries and sectors.

To address this challenge, SafeBoda, a leading ride-hailing platform committed to empowering communities through technology, has partnered with Innovation Village — Kampala, an innovation and entrepreneurship hub that has a particular focus on supporting women entrepreneurs.

On Tuesday, 7th March 2023, the two entities will be hosting a Women’s Day commemoration event, entitled “Women Inclusive Digital Spaces”, to explore the role of digital transformation in promoting gender equality in various industries and sectors.

This event aims to raise awareness of the importance of digital inclusivity and highlight the challenges faced by women in accessing and using digital technology. It will also showcase the successes of women in the digital age and promote collaboration and networking among women from different industries and sectors.

The set up will feature a panel discussion with experts from various industries and sectors, exploring topics such:

  • Women Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age
  • Women in Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • The Role of Digital Skills in Promoting Gender Equality

The event is also expected to increase awareness of the importance of digital inclusivity in promoting gender equality in various industries and sectors, and help to bridge the digital divide while promoting greater gender equality in the digital age.

Interested participants can register via




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