SafeBoda launches new boda ride options: Plus and Saver

3 min readMay 22


SafeBoda, the leading ride-hailing platform in Uganda, has announced the launch of its Plus Boda Boda ride option on the SafeBoda app. The new service is designed to provide customers with a greater choice of affordable, high-quality transportation options, while also empowering SafeBoda’s driver community with better earning opportunities.

With the Plus ride option, customers can enjoy an elevated experience with added benefits, such as an insurance cover in case of an accident provided by Liberty General Insurance Ltd, top experienced riders, clean and neat with passenger helmets and hair nets, well advanced in navigating the GPS, and still with the best road safety tactics.

SafeBoda is additionally introducing a Saver ride option that offers an affordable option, enabling customers to enjoy SafeBoda’s trusted service at a lower price point. Despite the difference in the naming, both options will still have good quality service deriving straight from SafeBoda’s core values.

“We’re thrilled to be launching our Plus and saver ride options on the SafeBoda app,” said Ricky Rapa Thomson, Co-Founder and Director of SafeBoda. “These new services are an important step towards fulfilling our mission to make transportation safer and more affordable for everyone in Africa just by a click of a button.”

The Kampala Metropolitan Commander Stephen Tanui who was the chief guest appreciated SafeBoda’s commitment to ensuring safety of its drivers and customers while on the road and the great steps that have been taken to make sure that drivers comply with all the regulations of traffic and road usage.

“As the Kampala Metropolitan police, we take safety and security of our community as the greatest pillar and thats the reason why we are here. If companies like SafeBoda are working to achieve this, then we shall work closely with them.”

Speaking at the launch, Raphael Bisaso the Head of Sales, Marketing & Distribution from Liberty General Insurance Ltd said: “we’re super excited to launch with one of the most innovative companies in Uganda, who have already made taking a boda boda safer in Kampala. We are delighted to partner with SafeBoda to help them take the next step in protecting passengers.”

Ezra, a renowned SafeBoda rider said: “As a rider on SafeBoda, I’m thrilled about the launch of the plus option. I take this opportunity to encourage all our customers to order plus rides and enjoy the experience. This new option will not only offer our customers an elevated experience but also uplift our livelihoods as riders.”

SafeBoda has long been committed to improving transportation safety and accessibility across Africa, and the launch of its Plus ride option is a testament to this ongoing commitment. By providing customers with more affordable and high-quality transportation options, SafeBoda is helping to transform the way people move around their communities.

The new ride options are now available on the SafeBoda app. The App can be downloaded from the Play store and Apple store for free.

For more information on SafeBoda and its services, please contact: +256200502050.




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