SafeBoda Pioneering Safety and Hygiene Standards in Uganda’s Ride-Hailing Landscape

2 min readJan 10, 2024

By Moses Musinguzi — aka Namba Emu (SafeBoda Rider 1), Head of Operations — SafeBoda

In the dynamic world of ride-hailing, SafeBoda stands as a trailblazer, not just for the convenience it offers but for its unwavering commitment to safety and hygiene. As the first and only ride-hailing company in Uganda to recognize and address the safety concerns of our vibrant community, we take immense pride in setting new sectoral standards.

Our commitment to safety is not just a promise; it’s a practice instilled in every aspect of our operations. One noteworthy initiative is our emphasis on riders carrying two helmets — a full-face helmet for themselves and a half-face helmet for their valued passengers. But it doesn’t stop there; the passenger helmet is equipped with a hairnet, ensuring a hygienic barrier between the passenger and the inside of the helmet.

SafeBoda extends heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to our riders who consistently go the extra mile, ensuring both helmets are in top shape and impeccably clean. In the busy world of Boda Boda, we understand that this activity is not merely a means of transportation; it’s a complete career that demands professionalism, respect for road safety, and adherence to regulatory compliance.

Road safety is a shared responsibility, and it starts with each individual rider. Crime and hooliganism in the Boda Boda sector need not be a reality. It’s a myth that can be dispelled when riders intentionally embrace a commitment to excellence. We challenge every rider in and out of our community to recognize their pivotal role in transforming the narrative.

No rider should feel compelled to do the right thing; it should be a conscious choice that transforms lives. At SafeBoda, we believe that fostering a community of professional, safety-conscious riders not only elevates the sector but also provides passengers with a unique and secure travel experience.

In conclusion, our journey towards safety, hygiene, and professionalism is a collective effort. SafeBoda is not just a ride-hailing platform; it’s a movement that challenges the norms and sets new benchmarks for the sector. To all our riders, thank you for being champions of change. Together, we are creating a safer, cleaner, and more professional Boda Boda experience.

Ride Safe, Live Safe. It starts with you.




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