SafeBoda YearBook 2022: The drivers that deliver the journey — Part I

3 min readDec 5, 2022


2022 has been a year filled with lots of activity. On the SafeBoda front, it began in the midst of a lockdown on operations that had taken close to two years and uncertainty in regards to the future of business for the drivers that rely solely on it.

Fast forward, the lockdown was lifted in February, and SafeBoda drivers have completed close to 10 million rides in the year.

In this year book series, we are highlighting some of the outstanding SafeBoda drivers and what they have achieved in 2022.

Mbidde Ashiraf SB 1626

Mbidde has completed over 3200 trips in 2022 including 70+ deliveries. Mbidde has been in the boda-boda business for the past 26 years, operating 6 of these as a SafeBoda driver.

He has been actively involved in field operations to ensure SafeBoda driver quality and following of traffic rules, as well as one-on-one engagements with fellow drivers on road safety.

Ngobi Umaru SB 14150

Ngobi has registered over 3,600 safe trips in 2022, with 60 of these being deliveries made to customers. To him, the year has been a blessing having successfully supported his family members and attended to each of their needs,

Ssemata Peter SB 4243

Ssemata has been active since July 2019 and has completed 5,600+ safe trips. Most of his accomplishments this year have been a personal best for him.

He set up rental houses, which he hopes to complete in the next year, and cleared his children’s school dues on time.

Mutoto Moses SB 4448

Mutoto joined SafeBoda in July 2019 and has seen progress all through the 40 months of doing business on the app. He has completed at least 3,300 safe trips in 2022.

He has achieved a number of things in this concluding year including acquiring his own motorbike and also managing to buy a plot of land on which he hopes to build a house next year.

Kalule Vincent SB 5106

In 2022 so far, Kalule has completed over 4,800 safe trips. This year, he is thankful for the friends, business, and new clients he has achieved. He is hopeful that he will purchase a plot of land next year so that he can set up a home for his family.

Kabanza Seth SB 5173

With 5,742 completed safe trips to his name this year, Kabanza is confident about his achievements including buying a plot of land and looking well after his family. He says his focus is now towards the construction of a house next year, to ensure his years ahead are sorted

Kagolo Vincent SB 5351

Kagolo is nothing short of thankful for the year, having achieved most of his set goals including the wellbeing of his family. He has completed at least 5,600 safe trips in 2022 alone and is confident that the new year will be even better, as he plans to build a house.




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